Program Description?

This program is for women who are ready to meet someone. It is also for women who have been dating awhile and have been hurt, disappointed, or cannot quite find what they are hoping for. 

Perhaps you are out of a long term relationship and feel like it is time to meet someone new? Or maybe you have been single for a long while and are ready to find a parter? Or perhaps you have been out there dating for ages and cannot seem to find the right person? If you are ready to meet your person, this program is for you!

There are many amazing dating books out there! We recommend you take the time and read them. You will find that they all have similar ideas and themes just said in a way that may relate to you! Our intention is to not replace those books but rather to pull the themes, info , research, and years of professional (and personal) experiences and create a simple and helpful guide for women who need a little help in this area. 

Research continues to show that women are out there trying so hard to meet their person! Sometimes it feels like there is no good partners left out there! Or it feels pointless cause you do not want to get hurt anymore or there is no one out there for you! Guess what, there is but it takes work and patience. Let us help you!

We are coming from a sister/big sister, friend stand point. That means we are here for you with kindness and support and want to pass what we know to you! We do not know better than you rather, we are equals and in this together. We are not experts in your life- you are! We are simply here to help you pull some information together to help you be your best self to land your best partner! We want you to find a partner who brings love and joy into your life. Someone who makes you feel the best version of you. Someone who is real and will be there for you. A person you want in your life, not need! A person you can cherish and love too, someone who will be your lifetime friend.

Here is the truth…There will be things you need to hear, there will be things that resonate with you. Moments where you feel that we are speaking directly to you! Then, there will be things you do not want to hear, and finally things you do not relate to. Try and listen anyway- you may need to hear it or it may be relevant for later. Take what works for you! Leave the rest or share it with a friend who may need it. 

All we can ask, ladies, is that you open your mind and your heart before you read on. Have courage to be honest with yourself. 

Please note that some sections have both audio, written components, and tasks. You are encouraged to listen to the audio and read through the materials so the information can be taken in different ways. Some audio may need to be turned up high on volume. The audio was recorded from an app while at home during COVID. So please forgive the quality- we did our best and will update it as life allows.

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